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Ten compelling reasons to add video to your website and beyond.

Here at StoryFirst we share every day our belief that telling your story via web video makes a big difference in your business. It makes your website more human, more accessible, and more appealing. And, when engaged in your other communications channels your videos will improve the effectiveness of those as well. However telling stories … Continued

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Don’t Blame Google Sidewiki if Your Brand Takes Another Hit

Marketers Will Find Themselves Making Moves They Don’t Want to Unless They Have a Real Strategy Two words: “reputational triangulation.” That’s our new reality in managing brands. This became obvious to me after spending countless hours talking about the implications of Google Sidewiki, the easy-to-install browser add-on that wraps consumer commentary and feedback commentary — … Continued

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Non-Profits ‘Outblog’ Private Sector

The largest charitable organizations in the US far outpace the business world and academia in both their use of and familiarity with social media and their measurement of online buzz, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, which found that 89% of non-profits used some form of social … Continued

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