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Our 5 Favorite Ads of Super Bowl XLVIII

by Michael Neelsen The Super Bowl is the biggest brand storytelling day of the year. For one day, all the major brands that live and die with seductive imagery, features & benefits, and data & rhetoric suddenly decide to tell a story. Here are StoryFirst Media’s 5 favorite commercials that aired during the game: #05: … Continued

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Great Brand Stories, Vol. I : Starbucks

By Michael Neelsen Today we will be breaking down a brand story released by Starbucks to promote its new Veranda (blonde) Roast. First, Watch the Video This is a great example of brand storytelling. Let’s take it beat by beat. The Aesthetics The very first image is a high-contrast black-and-white photograph of a hip twentysomething … Continued

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A Brand Storytelling Lesson from the NFL

By Michael Neelsen StoryFirst Media was founded in Wisconsin, and as such, we are Green Bay Packers fans (another clue would be our 2012 award-winning documentary Last Day at Lambeau). This past Sunday, the Packers completed the biggest comeback for a win in their illustrious 94 year history. The game was against the Dallas Cowboys, … Continued

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How Storytelling Creates a Need for Your Data

By Michael Neelsen In 1994, astrophysicist Kip Thorne wrote the book “Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy”. The title of the book sounds daunting. One would assume it to be filled with scientific theories and language that would surely alienate any readers without a degree in astronomy or cosmology. So Mr. Thorne opened … Continued

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You Are Your Story’s Hero

By Michael Neelsen Back in 2011 when I was deep in editing for my documentary Last Day at Lambeau, I realized the movie didn’t work and I was mere weeks away from film festival submission deadlines. The movie was about the relationship between sports fans and their heroes through the prism of Brett Favre’s separation … Continued

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Tell More Stories: It’s Good for Business.

We live in a world of information overload. We’re flooded with data, facts, statistics and information in all forms. Definitive answers to specific questions are easily and immediately available from search engines. However, people want and need more than facts to be engaged. They want understanding, meaning and context that is relevant to them They … Continued

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2010 Predictions Round-Up

Over the course of December eMarketer weighed in with predictions for 2010 trends in several key areas. The following are a few highlights. Seven predictions from eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey. Ad dollars will continue to accelerate their move from traditional to digital, though aggregate media spending will fail to return to former levels. Marketers will … Continued

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