What our clients and others have to say.

Pat Miller
Founder, The Idea Collective

“StoryFirst Media found what I was trying to say, in a way that I couldn’t say it, and then put it into a video that told the story to the people I want to reach. That is the definition of what a great video production company does.”
Jeff McCarthy
VP Marketing, Bank Five Nine

“The experts at StoryFirst have a gift for creating videos and telling stories in a way that I never could. They’re true assets to have on your team.”

Hathaway Dilba
Co-Owner, Ale Asylum Brewery
“When you try to tell your own story without guidance, you’re too close and in the thick of it, to really tell it right. You need to be provoked a little bit.”
Jeannie Cullen Schultz
Co-President, JP Cullen
“The video StoryFirst made for us played a direct role in JP Cullen winning the Stoughton Hospital job.”
Kari Drascic
Former Marketing Manager, JP Cullen

“Working with StoryFirst Media in our rebranding process at JP Cullen was one of the best decisions I made. The creativity and quality of their work exceeded my expectations – and they were high expectations.”

Ross Squires
Insurance Executive, Vice President
“StoryFirst worked with our team to identify and develop client stories and a brand story for our business that uniquely captured why our clients work with us, and what makes our agency unique.”

“Their interview ability led to great commentary by our clients, and they were able to shape that content to form an identifiable story to differentiate us with potential clients.”

Tom Searcy
Inc Magazine Author and Founder of HuntBigSales.com
Re: JP Cullen Video Series
“I think that these videos, all of them, are brilliant. They are well scripted, shot, edited, and deliver a great narrative understanding of the challenge, solution, result. They are also in a format that is less than 150 seconds each – which means they will be watched. Good storyline. The use of a variety of animation and non-live action tools keeps interest and re-engages the viewer. Very well done. As for me, I would not change a thing. Congratulations to the team who designed and delivered this.”

Pat Miller
Founder, The Idea Collective

“StoryFirst asked me a bunch of questions and processed it into the line that changed my business.”
Jo-ell Carson
Executive Director
Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

“StoryFirst Media is an amazing resource for organizations that believe in the law of attraction and aren’t afraid to shape their business around what they believe. They help you discover what your story is, what is compelling about it and how to share your story through words, actions, and everything you do. StoryFirst Media is consultation that goes well beyond branding and permeates all levels of an organization.”

Stephen Anderson
Founder, Bendyworks
“We turned to StoryFirst to advise us on marketing and growing Bendyworks.”

“Their advice was most insightful and helpful doubling the size of our company and establishing ourselves in our communities. They have deep knowledge of marketing with ethics and truth. If you have an opportunity to engage their services, do so. You’ll be happy you did.”

Andy Fickett
President, Fickett Structural Solutions
“The team at StoryFirst did an amazing job of using their model of storytelling to communicate what’s important to our customers in a way that evokes our passion and defines our difference. They make the process easy by sitting down with you, having a conversation, asking questions, and turning that conversation into outcomes that you’re proud of.”

“Our experience during StoryFirst’s upfront story discovery process was so positive that we’ve continued to partner with them for a name change, logo, tag line, new website, promotional videos, and other projects including capability statements and proposals.”

Aj Sue
Business Consultant
“Love these guys! StoryFirst, they’re masters of storytelling, and they have a great ability to help their clients find and tell their stories with truth, emotion, and power! These are not video guys… These are not social media guys… These are Story Guys who know how to leverage the vast array of media to capture and tell your story!”

Student comments from two recent
University of Wisconsin Business Development Center classes.

“They were great!”

“Excellent! Thank you for all the suggested resources.”

“Loved the concept of Brand Therapy to help start implementing storytelling for branding our company.”

“Great presentation and Delivery! Highly relevant.”

“Probably the best professional development course I have taken at UW.”

“Very engaging presentation filled with so much fascinating and useful information.”

“Opened my thoughts on telling my bus story.”

“So much information – loved the neurobiology connection.”

“Excellent deep dive on elements of storytelling.”

“Gave real world, actionable examples.”

“Well structured – Dynamic speakers- Well timed breaks.”

“Engaging speaker, incorporation of video content.”

“Meaningful and relevant information. I will be able to use the info right away.”

“Data backing up recommendations”