Everyone is talking about story. So what?

We agree. The word “storytelling” has almost become meaningless in business and marketing. When terms become popular, too many people grab ahold of them and use them to describe what they have already been doing. It quickly becomes overused and abused.

Marketers and ad creatives make their money from quantifiable content creation – logos, copy, ads, etc. The hard work of discovering your difference in action is often short-changed so they can start logging creative time sheets. It’s their model, not ours.

Purpose-driven storytelling for business, organizations and causes requires respecting your audience and uncovering the stories that exist. This process deserves equal priority (at minimum) to any creative execution.

How do we get started?

A conversation. You need to feel comfortable working with us, and we want to know that we can provide the solution that meets your goals and expectations. Let’s find a time to visit. 20-30 minutes over Zoom, or in-person over coffee or beer. We look forward to getting to know you – and the coffee or beer!

I have an RFP that I can send you. Can you provide a proposal?

We don’t typically respond to RFP’s. An RFP process tends to require a prepackaged solution and price list approach that we have found doesn’t serve our customers well. We’re happy to talk and see if there’s another path toward meeting your needs.

Can you provide me a quote?

We’ll happily provide a confirming quote once we have worked with you to determine what solution is the right fit for your need and budget.

Our approach is designed to be highly customizable to our clients needs. You’re uniquely different, and our experience has taught us that a ‘one size fits all approach’ doesn’t respect your uniqueness or serve your needs best. If you don’t have a budget, we’ll help you identify a workable budget.

But how do I know if I can even afford to work with you?

A founding principle of our company is that a customer’s ability to tell their story should never be determined by budget alone.

We’ve worked with solopreneurs, mom and pop businesses, nonprofits, and fortune 500 companies. Budget has rarely been an obstacle to our working with someone, and if it is, we’ll help you find a source that is a fit. Let’s talk over that coffee or beer!

I need a video, and you’re talking a lot about action and the science of storytelling. Why does that all matter so much for my video?

If your video is intended to get someone to understand how you’re different, see a different perspective, or take an action, then what you need most is purpose-driven storytelling. The impact of a video produced without upfront thinking about the story is as much of a crapshoot as a trip to Vegas.

Is video even best for my goals or to tell my story?
We don’t know. We know that what video does best is tell a story, and what video does worst is dispense information. However, we’d want to learn more about your needs before saying if video is best.
I need to tell my story better, beyond video. Can you help?
Yes. Our story discovery process is the foundation for the consulting part of our business. When you know how to effectively tell your story, you will have the power to impact all parts of your business. You’ll find it easier to communicate with both external and internal audiences.

Our process focuses on matching your intended actions with the motives of your audience. When you do this, everyone in your organization will know how to live the story, from the CEO to the person answering the phones.

What other questions do you have?