Importance of Having Videos on Your Website

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Importance-of-VideosThere are many new techniques people using to promote and increase the sales of their website. Videos are considered as one of the best methods for communicating with audiences. A fact that all of us know is that it’s much easier to consume the visual image than to read something. The visual impact created by videos can often be creatively used to reach out and capture the imagination of a wide audience.

4 Reasons Why Video is the Good Option:

1. Watching existing clients endorsing your product gives a much stronger message than seeing an endorsement in print.
2. Things that don’t yet exist can be brought to life, whether this is a product or a new initiative.
3. A new practice can be illustrated by ’seeing it happen’, and so can become more credible.
4. Video’s use of real people, animation and music are valuable when motivation is a key ingredient in your message.

Video is best for the communication of a simple, convincing message. We can feel an emotional connection more readily with video’s moving images and sound than other communication mediums – to an audience it is the closest medium to reality.

Streaming videos over web pages has caught on with an increase in the available bandwidth and connection speeds in the last couple of years. Often a good video associated with a good product could double or even triple the ’sale ability’ of the product. Take for example, the fashion industry, often endorsed by the big names from television and the silver screen. The visual impact associated with Naomi Campbell walking down a ramp wearing the latest spring design is much greater than a two dimensional photograph which often lacks the dynamism of a video.

Due to its nature, video can be very versatile in the style and tone used to convey different messages. The video itself can be powerful, with iconic images cut to compelling music, to set the tone of an event or product, or it can adopt a contemporary documentary style to provide account of a practice or initiative.

The impact created by the video not only depends on the quality of the created video, but the final quality of output that reaches the viewing audience through streaming off web pages. A good video backed up by a poor video player is often a let down and fails to create the impact that it would have managed had the support player been capable of producing good quality, yet fast and efficient streaming of online videos. A good video, bundled with the right support material will definitely prove to be one of the most effective ways of reaching out to a worldwide audience 24×7.