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Google Joins the Storytelling Bandwagon: Still Room for You!

Google’s recently joined the storytelling bandwagon– they’re calling the campaign “Search Stories” and several of the stories are actually quite good. They’re compelling spots and the brand message is clear, fun and engaging. By telling a story – Google is the vehicle instead of the concentration – the audience can stay engaged and exposed to … Continued

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What Any Business Can Learn From Chef Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has built a reality-television empire with his abrasive style, ready arsenal of barbed insults and propensity for four-letter words. It all adds up to great television. But in the case of Kitchen Nightmares, which focuses on Ramsay’s attempts to save failing restaurants, the entertainment is also packed with entrepreneurial insight. “I … Continued

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How Engaging Is Online Video? VERY

NOVEMBER 25, 2009 From In October 2009, Eyeblaster reported that creative was the key to more engaging rich media ads. Based on the research firm’s “Online Video Advertising: Doubles Engagement, Boosts ROI” bulletin, video grabs attention and has a lasting impact. Rich media ads with video had a higher dwell rate than those without, … Continued

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Six Reasons Videos That Don’t Go Viral Are Valuable

When people talk about online video they typically talk about videos like this one, the Minnesota wedding entrance choreographed to the Chris Brown ballad Forever. The video was published July 19, 2009, and it now has nearly 30 million views. It had nearly 19 million views in the first three weeks after posting. That’s what … Continued

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Top 10 Viral Videos – August 2009

Viral videos from UK companies Bensons for Beds and Johnnie Walker, and international electronics giant Sony topped the list of the 10 viral campaigns and videos selected by video-content distributor Goviral as the most interesting and innovative in August 2009. The videos on the list use various approaches to hold viewers’ attention – ranging from … Continued

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Video – It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Customers.

The article below was featured in the latest issue of ContentWise. ContentWise is a monthly eZine that I would recommend for anyone interested in content marketing. Standard subscription is free. More and more businesses are using video as part of their overall marketing strategies. Once a high barrier to entry due to the sheer expense … Continued

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