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How Engaging Is Online Video? VERY

NOVEMBER 25, 2009 From In October 2009, Eyeblaster reported that creative was the key to more engaging rich media ads. Based on the research firm’s “Online Video Advertising: Doubles Engagement, Boosts ROI” bulletin, video grabs attention and has a lasting impact. Rich media ads with video had a higher dwell rate than those without, … Continued

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Reformat, Reuse, Recycle: 5 Strategies to Stretch your Marketing Content

From: MarketingSherpa SUMMARY: Your marketing content library can be an incredible resource in lean economic times. You have opportunities to repurpose, reformat and reuse that content for new lead generation campaigns. We’ve collected five examples of clever content repurposing strategies that B2B marketers shared with us over the years. Includes tips on generating audio and … Continued

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Online Video Now Used by 84% of Marketers

The following is from An overwhelming majority (83.5%) of brand and agency marketers in a recent study say they currently are using some type of online video in their marketing efforts, and most expect their use of the medium to grow in the coming years, according to a survey by TurnHere. The study, which … Continued

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5 Things Video Will Replace in Your Business

It’s easy to forget just how many different ways video can enhance communications. Anywhere there is a repeatable (and often complex) message, video can lend a helping hand to tell that story more efficiently and in some cases tell it better. We’re highlighting 5 of the most popular ways we’ve seen people scaling their communication … Continued

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